Criteria for Gabriel Angels

  • Must be approved by the Pastor
  • Must be a member of the Parish and in good standing with the Church
  • Must accept all the Church’s teaching especially those of Marriage, Family and Life
  • Must be faithful in observing the norms of Catholic life
  • Must be willing to attend ANGEL training and scheduled meetings for learning and sharing within the Gabriel Project

Other Ways to Help

  • Make a formal commitment to pray with us for the success of the Gabriel Project in our Parish
  • Make a commitment for an hour of Eucharistic Adoration for the Gabriel Project
  • Volunteer for ongoing fund-raising events
  • Make a donation (we rely on your donations to provide material assistance to our Moms in need)
  • Attend a pro-life event in our area
  • Share your knowledge about the Gabriel Project with family, friends and
    especially anyone whom you think may have need of our assistance
  • Leave a “trail” of Gabriel flip cards behind you—in a restaurant, in a store, at the library, at State offices…anywhere they may be noticed and picked up by either someone in need or by someone who knows someone in need

Want to volunteer now?

Call Janet: 575-680-2871