If you are in need of additional assistance beyond what the Gabriel Project is able to provide, here is a directory of other agencies in the area that we recommend which provide a wide variety of services to help you with your needs.

Priests for Life

Address PO Box 141172 Staten Island , NY 10314 Phone: (888) 735-3448 Phone: (718) 980-4400 Website: priestsforlife.org
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Project Defending Life

Catholic Pro-Life Ministries in New Mexico
Address 625 San Mateo Blvd. NE Albuquerque , NM 87108 Phone: (505) 266-4100 Website: defendinglife.org
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Rachel’s Vineyard

Healing the Pain of Abortion
Contact: Martha Beasley
Phone: (575) 523-6923 Website: rachelsvineyard.org
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San Albino Roman Catholic Church

Address 2070 Calle de Santiago Mesilla , NM 88046 Phone: (575) 526-9349 Website: sanalbino.org
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St Genevieve’s Catholic Church

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Address 100 S Espina Las Cruces , NM 88001 Phone: (575) 524-9649 Website: stgen.info
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The Gabriel Project

National Organization
Address Gabriel Communications P.O. Box 283 Cheltenham , PA 19012 Phone: (215) 379-6830 Website: gabrielproject.com
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Turning Point

Address 2906 Hillrise Drive Las Cruces , NM 88011 Phone: (575) 522-8378 Website: pregnancylascruces.com
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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Address 3211 Fourth Street NE Washington , D.C. 20017 Phone: (202) 541-3000 Website: usccb.org
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