Big big news for this month. For those who have not heard, a company called “Whole Woman’s Health” is trying to secretly open up an abortion mill here in Las Cruces, under the guise of a “holistic” women’s health clinic. See their full agenda here:


According to sources, the city is unaware of this move to open a full-out abortion facility. It is supposedly opening at 3900 E Lohman Ste. B, next to Natural Grocers and behind Dion’s, on September 15th. Members from other pro-life groups, including CareNet, came out to mirror their concern and express the solidarity of the entire pro-life community. It was a pretty cool meeting, in that regard, but I digress.

Laws in Texas, those designed to protect women from dangerous practices and disgusting upkeep of facilities, have driven this company out of El Paso. Before, in Texas, girls had to notify parents before having an operation; however, WWH has found a cozy niche in New Mexico, where absolutely no laws prevent mills from preying on children as young as they want- without having to notify or have the consent of the parents. They will kill up to the 18th week of gestation; however, the lack of protection/inspections deem it highly probable that this will develop into merely a front for full terms, same as Albq- my opinion only. They will provide same day procedures, no two day waiting period required. (This is candy land to these folks) Founder and CEO is Amy Hagstrom Miller. Pray for this lady, please.

Starting Sept 6, we are joining together in a novena to Our Lady of Sorrows. It will end on the 14th, the day before the opening. Please participate. Battle of Lepanto, anyone? 😉


  • protest protocol: we need sidewalk counselors there, who are fully trained in the safe and legal manner in which to approach women and protest facility. >>No chanting, no graphic signs, just peaceful, silent prayer.
  • Sidewalk counseling is available through CareNet? Talk to Jamie. Someone will be in contact to hopefully set up a crash training session this week. Check the FB page and emails for updates on this.
  • How can we stop it before it gets started? Can we set up next door? Join pro-life forces- CareNet, Turning Point, Gabriel, others- to create a comprehensive front and resource for women and girls in need? Do we need a lawyer?
  • Jamie probably knows laws for sidewalk protests, counseling.
  • Can we organize a city-wide meeting? Rally? Get some public, national names to speak?
  • We need to break down barriers of how our groups are different, to unite under one umbrella to fight this. Division will be our downfall.
  • Bishop Cantu has made a statement- he’s got our back!
  • Start our own chapter of 40 Days for Life? Sept 24-Nov 2. Need to get in priest’s mailing- perhaps bishop will sponsor it?
  • Could there be a Eucharistic procession? Build a 24 hour adoration chapel across from it, like Fr. Imbarrato, or in OK? Can we snare Fr. Enrique?
  • We need to have a presence there, trained and ready, on the 15th.

On other topics:

  • Rachel’s Vineyard retreat at San Patricio is still taking applications. Oct. 10-12.
  • A parishioner donated a GORGEOUS basket of handmade crochet items to our mom. See the FB page for images of this lovely gift. How talented! She must have spent so many hours on that (would have taken me a year!)
  • St. Genevieve’s fiesta will be 20th-21st. Contact Harold to volunteer at our table. We still need people to help spread our mission! There will be baby models on display and lots of info to hand out.
  • A young woman, “C”, is at risk, and in need of prayer. Please pray for intercessions for her and her baby.

Thank you everyone for attending this crucial meeting. As you can tell, this ministry is NEEDED and although movement seems slow at times, Christ calls us to defend the innocent and stay ahead of the waves of moral degeneration. We can only have solidarity and motion in crisis if we have bodies able and willing to make the small sacrifices of their time and energy in “the between meetings”, to stay awake with the Master and pray! I’m excited to see how we can work together to save our city’s children. This cannot be tolerated or accepted. Please contact us to ask how you can become part of the solution.

2 Responses to “September 2014 Meeting Highlights”

  1. Carrie
    September 6, 2014 at 11:14 PM #

    I am willing to help in any way I can. My kiddos and I started the Novena tonight but would like to help in other ways also….just don’t know what other way I could be of help.

    • Melissa
      September 7, 2014 at 10:50 AM #

      That is wonderful, Carrie! Thank you for your prayers. Like you, we have bambinos, too, and I know it’s sometimes difficult to find ways to help outside the family schedule. The greatest support we need is prayer! That’s what us moms can do the best, and have a special obligation to do. In addition to the novena, we are in great need of many many rosaries- particularly those said by the whole family, Chaplets of Divine Mercy and St. Michael, and IF or once this mill opens, we will need Chaplets of St. Gertrude.
      If you are able, please please attend monthly meetings. They are the first Thursday of every month at either Yannes Hall at San Albino, or the conference room at St. Genevieve. Contact Richard to get on the email list for cancellations and reminders if you’re not already. I’ve heard many are turned away from frequent attendance due to lack of moms to actively support, but that means we are scrambling for volunteers once we get a call! It would be so nice to have a volunteer trained as an angel who could step up when needed, or just to have more people to brainstorm and troubleshoot outreach issues during the “dry times”.
      Try to make it out in front of the mill on the 15th for the peaceful protest. No signs, no chanting, just bring your rosary. Several parents have expressed an intention to bring their older children, so depending on their age and understanding, they are welcome to join. Mine are both too young and too old wiggle-wise to come to something like this, so we will be making arrangements for them. Thank you so much for helping out! God bless you!