We had a very refreshing turnout! Thanks to all who were able to attend. It’s been a busy year for everyone so far! We were blessed with a new volunteer. Thank God, she has some counseling/social work background, which is eagerly welcomed. We have a great need for counselors and women who are willing to be “angels” for our ministry. Our latest mother is a complicated case, and on top of that she has not been matched with an angel for all these months. We have decided to hand their case into the care of Amistad. Please continue to pray for their family as they grow into each of their new-found roles. Although we are unable to care for them, we are still called to support and intercede through prayer and fasting. That is the best medicine for hearts in peril, anyway, and the focal point of discussion this meeting.

  • We also remind everyone that Father Ricardo is being reassigned very soon. His going away party is the 14th of June. Please attend to show how much we appreciate all the work he has done in our parish, and especially for our ministry. Many of us have been blessed with his guidance and love, when we were struggling to meet the physical and spiritual demands of our Gabriel families. He will drop everything upon receiving a call from us, and even drove across town after dark one evening to help this bird brained volunteer gather some emergency supplies from the store. No need is too much for him, and each call is met with a smile. Let’s continue on his example, bringing joy where there is sorrow, hope where there is despair, and light where all seems in darkness. We are excited to see what our new shepherd will also have to teach us in the upcoming years!
  • In light of this transition, we need to be sure to help out wherever we can, especially in storage. Inventory needs to be made in case we need to move our supplies elsewhere!
  • June 21-22, Turning Point will be hosting a baby bottle fundraiser. Arrangements are being made for the logistics in each parish. Contact us if you would like to help out.
  • June 14th will also be featuring a great pro-life event in Albuquerque- the 5th Annual Men’s March For Life, Father’s Day weekend, for lost fatherhood through abortion.
  • Next meeting will be held July 10th!!!!!! Most of us will be out of town for the 4th, so we will postpone one week. Check your email to verify date and location.
  • We need to be sure to put on the armor of God when going out to serve! Remember that the soul needs to be fed just like the body, and when we go out in ministry or heavy prayer, we are taxed and become wearied (the soul is willing, but the flesh is weak!). Feed and be restored often through adoration and the blessed Eucharist to ease discouragement and despair. Every time you leave to go out, remember your angel invites you at the thresh hold, “Stop! Don’t go alone. Take this!” handing you a bottle of peace and a snack bag of grace from the Father’s kitchen to make it through the day.

Peace be with everyone through this month. Pray, fast, and ask that we are inundated with a hunger to serve selflessly.

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