• The Sanctity of Life event in Santa Fe was a great success, with a huge impact on the youth that attended. Since, they have expressed a desire to build something into their semester that is geared towards promotion of Life.
  • The university students want to set up a presence at the campus event in the fall. Great news, since we are not allowed to enter their circles ourselves. Any prolife work on the university must come out of the student body itself. They would like to set up a meeting with the Project to arrange material.
  • Still trying to set up seeds in the Newman Center.
  • The abortion clinic in El Paso is scheduled to shut down by September. Wonderful news, now we need to focus on getting the word out there.
  • We need to develop more outreach programs! Since word of mouth seems to be our greatest ally, we need to find ways to expand on this. Several members would like to get window advertisements for their cars. Another proposal is to design little yard pickets. Parishioners may set them out in their yards, with the message, “Pregnant? Need help? Ask me!” or “Pregnancy Crisis Relief” with our number. A way to include the body of the church in the fight against ignorance. Designs and ideas will be presented at next meeting.
  • Our two moms are doing well. Babies are flourishing and getting bigger by the day. We discussed the hardships and difficulties these families face, and the different ways we can avoid the common traps that lead to “empty giving.” Remember, we still need an angel for our newest mom! This volunteer is doing her best, but they sorely need an experienced counselor and someone familiar with complex domestic issues. On that note, though, after the meeting I was able to drop by and deliver the wonderful stash of supplies garnered from there. Mom and dad were doing a top notch job helping out around the house, the case has been closed from CYFD, mom was enthusiastic about updating me on baby’s progress, and was proud of all their accomplishments- as she should be. Dad was equally excited about the cute clothes and sharing news- wonderful!

We would like to beg prayers for some of our own. One of our couples has suffered a miscarriage and will be burying their baby this weekend. God’s blessings be rich on you and through you. Please try to come to meetings! Remember that next month is May, the month of Mary. Let’s make her smile by spreading the love of Christ wherever we go.

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